Von Hertzen Brothers – awsound.co.uk Session for TeamRock.com

What a fantastic session this was! Back in May, I travelled over to the Finnish embassy in central London as we’d been granted access to record Finnish band, the Von Hertzen Brothers.

Although initially struggling for the taxi to be allowed down the heavily guarded street (armed police on every corner), I reached the building and thankfully unloaded all of my audio gear without having to traipse the load of it down with multiple trips.

Setting up in a room with beautiful sounding acoustics, as well as a gorgeous Steinway and Sons piano – the Proggy 3 piece began running through their tracks which all feature on the stunning new album, ‘New Day Rising’.

Gear wise, we had the Se4400 on vocals for Mikko and SM58’s for backing vocals on Kie and Jonne.  I used my favourite C414’s in a stereo pair on the acoustic guitar. I used Sm57’s on the back and front of the Cajon and a DI on the bass guitar – which I later re amped. I finally used a single SE Rupert Neve RN17 small Diaphragm condenser which picked up some of the gorgeous characteristics of the room.

Enjoy the video of ‘Dreams’, and don’t forget to check out the full set of tracks that they played on the Soundcloud link underneath.

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